﷯ Carl Haeggqvist was born in to the core of the Swedish record industry. Carl’s father, Dag Haeggqvist, was the owner of Scandinavias biggest independent record company ”Sonet” for more than 30 years and was solely responsible for introducing labels such as: Island, Chrysalis, A&M, Mute etc. to the Scandinavian market. Carl started playing the bass at 12 years of age and formed his first band one year later. - My father introduced me to Jethro Tull when I was 11 and I immediately got hooked. It was the Aqualung album and that record shaped my musical progress in so many ways. - I started working as an assistant sound-engineer to the legendary Swedish sound-engineer Pontus Olsson at Park Studio in 1984 and got to meet and know lots of artists during that period: Ola Hakansson and Tim Norell from Secret Service literally lived in the studio and those years brought me an enormous amount of insight in to the business. Carl later on started his own company, Black House, who are producers of button badges and has delivered badges to all the biggest company’s in the Scandinavian region. At the end of the 90’s Carl returned to the music industry to help his father at Gazell Records who has produced original recordings of almost all of the Swedish jazz-musicians of the latest century. At present, Carl lives with his wife Maja and his daughter Molly in an 18th century farm house in the county of Halsingland, Sweden. Carl and Roland has built a recording studio in one of the old houses at the farm and all recordings by the duo is made from there. ﷯ Roland Ebert started playing the guitar at age 12 and was influenced early on by 50’s rock. - It was clear from the start that Chuck Berry was the biggest inspiration. His feeling for riffs and hooks and simple rock songs stands alone in the history of music, maybe by exception of Malcolm Young of ACDC. Roland and his band-mate Carl Haeggqvist played together in various bands. At the age of 25 Roland had a hiatus from the music: family, the starting of an own company within the art world, concentrating on original prints, took all of his time. The music and the songwriting never left him completely though. - The combination of my large music interest and my sons prospering singing career, with shows all over Sweden, motivated me to make a new start within the music industry. Today Roland is one of the driving forces behind ”Stage Academy” an organization for young people that want to make a music career. ”Stage Academy” arranges workshops, lectures and music camps all over Sweden. - It is absolutely fantastic to work with young artists, their commitment to succeed is astonishing! - To build a network at an early age is beyond doubt one of the most important tasks for a young artist.