Ratfab Music is life long friends Roland Ebert and Carl Haeggqvist's music publishing company. Roland and Carl started playing music and write songs together in 6th grade, at 12 years of age. Carl’s parents record company was at this time representing both Specialty and Chess Records in Scandinavia so there were piles of Little Richard and Chuck Berry records to listen to and get inspired by. As time went by, Roland and Carl got more into the 60’s type of music with strong melodies and beautiful harmonies and evolved their music-writing in this direction, using contemporary sounds to modernize it. Roland and Carl started their first band ”Roland and the flying Albatross Band”, later shortened to RATFAB, with two childhood friends in 1977 and released their first 7” vinyl record in 1981. Carl received the RATFAB logo designs directly from artist Andy Warhol in 1985, when visiting him for the 2nd time at his Broadway studio ”The Factory”. Carl´s art-collecting grandfather, Arne Haeggqvist, knew Andy Warhol from the sixties and presented his grandson to the artist who in return accepted to draw various variations of the groups name on his own stationery. Roland and Carl released several records under the group name Moby Dick during the 80’s and frequently played the Swedish club-scene during this period. The duo received extra good airplay for one of their records ”Song From The Radio” which was produced by Anders Hansson, (producer of Cher, Agneta Faltskog and Swedish artist Agnes among others). Since the late 90’s, the duo has concentrated on writing songs together and have now decided to take the step towards the music publishing business. 30 years within the music industry ought to have generated some know-how and the duo are eager to prove it!